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CrossFit Open Workout 2018: Do You Need To Scale?


Unless you’re an elite CrossFitter who has mastered all the movements, this is a question that always pops up, especially when the Open comes. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been doing it. There’s always something you need to improve on.

That’s the beauty of CrossFit -- it’s scalable. Meaning, you can modify it according to your fitness level and current capacities. Compared to what most people outside the community think, everyone can perform a workout without injuring themselves or passing out in the middle of it. It’s intense, yes, but it’s doable. And with only two weeks remaining in the 2018 CrossFit Open it’s important to listen to your body as you scale up.

The problem is that some people get ahead of themselves, too quickly. A coach will guide you and put you in a position where you’ll gradually be ready. All you have to do is…

Drop the Ego

This is very important! Everyone will have their competitive streaks, even when they don’t admit it. Even if you keep telling yourself that you’re only “up against yourself”, you still would not want to place near the bottom of the leaderboard, or even your local affiliate’s whiteboard. After all, a single rep done as prescribed is still ranked higher even if you did a hundred reps of the scaled version. And this is where it gets tricky.

As I’ve said above, no one wants to end up near the bottom of the rankings. But why force a movement you cannot perform properly? Or why force a weight you know is almost close to your 1 rep max and do that for several reps? Be wise. Listen to your body. Drop the ego. Make the most of the workout without comprising your technique. That being said, you should also…

Trust the Process

Just think of the time when you could not even do one double under, or when you barely pulled yourself up a bar. The truth is you’ve already improved by leaps and bounds. Improvement is relative. Some athletes may get hold of the movements faster than you do. It depends on each person’s background and genetics. That’s alright, just trust your coach and the programming you’re on. By all means, work on your weaknesses. Do not cherry pick your workouts based on the movements you like. Continue putting in the work and you will naturally improve, mark my word.

Enjoy the Journey

Unless you’re in the top 20% of all CrossFit athletes worldwide, the Open is an event to be enjoyed by yourself and by your community. If you’re all stressed out with “leaderboarding” and one-upping another athlete, then you’re stressing yourself for all the wrong reasons. Enjoy the workout for what it is. Enjoy the breakthroughs. Enjoy your community. If you get that elusive ring muscle-up along the way, then awesome! If you are also considering scaling for the 2018 Reebok CrossFit Games you can check out the rules here:

Fuel Properly

It's important to ensure you are not only getting the proper proportion of protein, carbs and fat to stay fueled, but that your diet is sustainable. One tip is to plan ahead with meal prepping, nutritional snacks and meal replacement shakes. Just don't get caught in a situation where you are forced to make poor diet decisions -- since it might have a big impact on your ability to scale.

So…do you need to scale? Only you and your coach can determine that. Many athletes that have been doing functional fitness for over 5 years still haven’t gotten a ring muscle-up and still can’t walk on their hands. Know your goals, listen to your body and make the most of what you can do, while enjoying the whole journey.

What do you think of the 2018 CrossFit Open Workouts? Are you looking forward to tackling them, or wondering how you can scale? Let us know!