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Things to Consider When Looking for a CrossFit Gym

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Nowadays, it’s very easy to find a CrossFit box nearby. After all, as functional fitness continues to rise, so does the people enrolling in these facilities. However, I’m sure you’re aware that when it comes to finding an affiliate that suits your needs, there are a lot of things to consider!

There are facilities that are good in their own right but do not necessarily address your needs. The selection process should start with your own personal goals. The more you understand your own goals, the better chances you have at achieving them. Why have you decided to train in the first place? Do you want to compete? Or do you want to integrate fitness as a part of your healthy lifestyle? Some coaches are experts in specialized areas, so this is something you should take into account when you do your research. If you’re into fitness as a part of your general healthy lifestyle advocacy, then a box with health and nutrition programs should be very helpful to you. Pin down your own goals first – budget, time commitment, etc. - before you examine your available options.

Once you’ve done that, take your goals with you when you do your oculars. When you get to the gym, take a good look at their floors, mats, kettlebells, Olympic bars, and their other equipment. Are they clean and well-maintained? Are disinfectants and rugs readily available for the next user? Do they have functional lockers? Are the locks secure? Is the gym well-lit? It should be. Lighting affects focus in ways you don’t think about. You could injure yourself in a gym where areas that are supposed to be well-lit are dark.

Luxury isn’t what you’re looking for in a CrossFit box but at the very least, it should be clean and comfortable. Safety is a big deal in any fitness facility. If the gym ensures the functionality and cleanliness of their equipment, it’ll give you hints that the management will take care of its clients.

Check out how the management designs its areas. Are there enough areas for free weights? Are there a good number of squat racks and benches? Does it have a wide-enough open floor area to do your deadlifts? Obviously, you want to make sure you have all the space you need.

The coaches determine the quality of the facility. Their experience and certifications matter. What is their reputation in the CrossFit industry? Do they have other training qualifications outside CrossFit? What training philosophy do they adhere to? Are you more comfortable with the nurturing type or do you see results when subjected to tough love?

At this point, it’s a good idea to schedule a trial. Most affiliates usually offer your first visit for free. That way, you experience first-hand the all the factors mentioned above.

Take advantage of the trial and see how it goes. If the discussion points in this article meet your goals, then it could be the right gym for you.