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5 reasons I switched from Bodybuilding to CrossFit

I made the video included in this blog post on why I'm pursuing CrossFit now after two and a half years of Bodybuilding. 

3 weeks into CrossFit and below are some of the changes I'm finding so far!

Passion - Even a week into CrossFit I found myself checking Wodify first thing in the morning to see what the workout is. Not to contemplate going or not, but to motivate myself and have something to look forward to. Even after spraining my wrist I still check it daily to see if I can participate and see how some of the other gym goers performed.

Community - I've met some really cool people so far --some of which are seriously next level competitors! It's awesome getting tips from others at the gym and even socialize outside of workouts. This is a big difference from how I felt about Bodybuilding which always felt like a solo sport to me.

Seeing Improvements- With Bodybuilding it can take months to see improvements. Basically, you have to go through a bulking and cutting cycle in order to compare yourself to post cutting pictures. There are other ways to see improvements, such as lifts, but these aren't really core to Bodybuilding (stronger isn't always bigger). With CrossFit I feel that I see improvements happen a lot more frequently. Completing a workout faster, lifting more weight, gaining a new skill, etc. These are all ways to see yourself improving your craft.

Diet - BodyBuilding is all about tracking. Calories and macros are a must and any small deviation (especially during a cut) can have dramatic effects on your aesthetics. CrossFit is a lot more forgiving. Because eating is for fueling workouts (not being the most shredded you can be) having a cheat meal or tracking macros doesn't matter as much. In fact, since starting CrossFit I've stopped tracking all together but I still keep a rough mental log of what I'm consuming. If I'm hungry I eat and if I'm not I won't. As long as I feel fueled during workouts and I'm not gaining crazy amounts of weight I'm good.

Lifestyle - This as a lot to do with the diet as well. A common saying is that abs are made in the kitchen, as in what you eat will result in your leanness. Because of this, Bodybuilding often felt like a full time job. I always had to be aware of what I was consuming and what/where I would work out. Structure is key with Bodybuilding and the problem with a strict routine like this is it stops you from acting spontaneously. Going out with friends, missing a workout, travelling, these are all things that I tried to avoid when I was serious about Bodybuilding because I knew they would make it tough to stick to my schedule. CrossFit is way more relaxed. I'm not as worried if I miss a workout because I can just make my own one up at home or I can take an extra rest day. I also don't find myself thinking about food or workouts outside of the gym as much. Overall it lets me be less strict with myself so I can enjoy my days more.

If you're still reading this, apologies for it being so long. I also thought I would mention two downsides of switching to Crossfit which I think speak for themselves; cost and injuries. I go more into them in the video if your curious.

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