FAQ-how do I prepare a shake? - VitalHouse


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How do I prepare a shake?

Any of our shakes are easy to make! Just add 500ml of cold water to one serving in a shaker bottle and shake until dissolved.

Does Vital House offer free shipping?

Shipping is free on orders of $70 or more!

What is the expiration date of these shakes?

Any of our shakes can be stored up to 12 months at room temperature if kept dry, or 3 days once prepared if kept the fridge.

Will these shakes help me lose weight or gain muscle?

In combination with proper fitness and nutrition, our shakes can help you achieve any fitness goal.

Are your shakes GMO, soy and gluten free?

Yes, all of our shakes are GMO, soy and Gluten free. 

Who should not use the Vital House products?

These shakes are not intended for individuals with kidney issues or for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. If you have any concerns, consult your doctor.